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Facial Treatments

*BT Micro is complimentary to all facials, maximising product penetration!

* All 60minute facials include a top up of choiceof any advanced non-invasive therapy from Microdermabrasion and LED Light Therapy.

Target Specific

Teen Facial

Ages 8 - 12 years
R  370 30 Min


A biotechnology researched based company with comprehensive ranges effectively designed to treat epidermal hyperpigmentation, management of acne and reduce the signs of ageing with Nobel prize winning growth factors.

Hydrate & Repair Facial 45min

45 min
R  600

Age Prevent Brighten & Boost Facial 60min

includes any advanced top up of choice
R  800

Alchemy Skin Treatment

R  700

Lamelle Chemical Peels

Lactifirm Peels

Sun Damage & Aging
R  550

Alpha Glycolic Peels

R  600

Beta Pigment Peels

R  550

Beta Acne Peels

Must be done is sets of 6 for optimum results!
R  550

Ultimate Retistore Peel / Plus Peel

R  850 / 900

AO Rice Brand Peel

R  650

Synergy Peel

R  860

Azeac Peel

R  750

Hand Peel

R  600

Fore Arm & Hand Peels

R  1500


Renowned for expert understanding of the skin & the effective treatment of all skin conditions

Nimue Deep Cleanse

45 min
R  580

Nimue Therapeutic

includes any advanced top up of choice
R  800

Smart Micropeel Deep Cleanse

R  650

Nimue Rejuvenating Treatments

Nimue Thermal Detox Peel

R  580

Nimue 35% Glycolic Peel

R  750

Nimue SRC Peel

R  770

Ultimate Smart Resurfacing Peel

R  880

7.5% TCA Treatment

R  780

Smart Micropeel

R  500

Bio-Therapeutic LED Light Treatments

These innovative treatments use the latest technology from the USA to visibly improve skin tone, texture, elasticity and assist in the management of acne. The red and blue light waves penetrate deeply into the skin to stimulate the ATP to produce more collagen and elastin, diminish redness and plump out prematurely ageing and dehydrated skins.

LED Light Therapy

Weekly sessions required for optimal results and can be done in conjunction with your facials
R  370


A Superficial resurfacing treatment that uses suction & abrasion techniques to remove surface dead skin cells, improve a dull, dry and uneven textured skin and improving circulation and enhancing the skins natural glow.


Using radio Frequency and Ultra Sound non-invasive skin tightening and firming treatment for face and body.


LED Light Treatment

R  185


R  185

Coax Radio Frequency Firming

R  200

Lacti-Peel / Alpha Glycolic Top Up

R  170

Retinol Top Up

R  150

Nova Pen Needling

Effective in the treatment of fine lines, large pores, wrinkles, lip lines & sagging skin (Includes needle)
R  850

Lymphatic Blanket Treatments

Stand alone treatments - 40min
R  250

Lamprobe Treatments                                                                                                     From R800/h

Hyper-keratinised lesions like Age Spots, Keratosis, Fibromas, Solar Keratosis and Skin Tags, whether small or very large, raised on a stalk or flat, are all epidermal irregularities, meaning that they are raised above the skin and not rooted into the dermis like moles, so treatment to remove these unsightly blemishes is focused on the lesion affecting only the epidermis of the skin.  The Lamprobe can safely and effectively be used on all skin colours creating flawless skin without the risk of hypo-pigmentation.

Massage Therapy

Relieve muscular aches and pains with our variety of massage techniques to best meet your needs.  All treatment times include client dressing & undressing & sanitization of rooms.

Swedish Full Body Massage

R  455 55min

Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

R  395 30min

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

R  495 55min

Back, neck and shoulder massage

R  310 30min

Back, neck & shoulder massage

R  355 40min

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

R  460 40min


R  440 45min

Head Massage & Scalp Massage

R  255 30 min

Foot Massage

R  235 25min

Leg & Foot Massage

R  300 40min

Pregnancy Massage

R  350 40min

Back Cleanse & Back Massage

R  420 40min

Full Body Exfoliation

R  280 30min

Top ups - Hot Stone, Aromatherapy to any massage

R  80


Full leg

R  200

1/2 Leg

R  155

3/4 Leg

R  175

Full Arm

R  160

1/2 Arm

R  130


R  120

Cuban Cigar

R  150

Bikini Sides

R  140


R  210


R  250

Full Face wax

R  180

Full Face Thread

R  220

Brow / Lip / Chin

R  55 each

Brow & Lip Combo

R  100

Brow & Lip & Chin Combo

R  155

Side Burns

R  45

Side Face / Cheeks

R  60

Full Back

R  150

1/2 Back

R  115


R  115

Ear / Nose

R  25 each

Butt Cheeks

R  100

Full Chest Wax

R  130

Male waxing an additional 10% 

Effective Eyes

Brow Tint

R  55

Lash Tint

R  55

Brow & Lash Tint

R  100


Polish Manicure

R  220

Speedy Polish Manicure

R  175

Polish Pedicure

R  300

Flash Pedicure

R  230

Tots Manicure (6-9yrs)

R  125

Tots Pedicure (6-9yrs)

R  125

Shape and Paint Hands

R  120

Shape and Paint Toes

R  110

Cut & File

R  65

Gel Overlay Rubber Base

R  260

Gel Back Fill Rubber Base

R  210

Gel Overlay Hands

R  210

Gel Overlay Toes

R  170

Gel Overlay Combo (hands & Toes)

R  360

Top up Gel Polish Hands / Toes

R  55 / 30

Nail Art / Glitter


Soak off with new overlay

R  30

Gel Soak Off only

R  80

Soak Off (all other) - not our product

R  150

Medi Heal Peel add on

R  95

Parraffin add on

R  60

Hot Stone add on

R  80

Skin Rejuvenation

Full Face

R  1100

Sun Spots / Small Veins 1-4

R  320

Sun Spots / Small Veins 5-10

R  570

Acne - Full Face

R  1225

Also effective on Port Stains

Please contact us for comprehensive price list

Permanent Hair Reduction

Up to 80% Hair Reduction

The Ellipse SWT is a superior machine giving fast effective & long lasting results. Prices Quoted per session.

Full Face

R  860/1220 Ladies / Men

Upper Lip

R  320/550 Ladies / Men


Small Area
R  265/315 Ladies / Men


Large Area
R  385/435 Ladies / Men

Half Arm

R  1250/1520 Ladies / Men


R  505/760 Ladies / Men

Bikini Sides

R  570/680 Ladies / Men

Full Leg

R  3150/3800 Ladies / Men


R  1000

Half Leg

R  1950/2400

Most areas can be treated, please contact us for a comprehensive price list. All prices are based on average size areas and prices may be altered accordingly

Pamper Packages

Time Out

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - Speedy Facial - Flash Pedicure
R  1000 90min

De Stress Package

Swedish Full Body Massage - Facial - Pedicure
R  1455 3 Hours

Couples Retreat

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage, Pedicure, Mini Manicure
R  1450 p/c 2 Hours

Specialised Treatments

Botox & Fillers

Ear & Nose Piercing