The therapies we offer

Permanent Hair Reduction

The Ellipse by Sirius uses Selective Wave Length Technology to direct the light safely and effectively reduce unwanted hair. We would advise the client to have a course of 7 - 10 treatments with 4-8 week intervals in between for the best results. Sun exposure should also be avoided 30 days before and after the treatment. As the treatment progresses, the amount of hair present on the area will become reduced and finer in texture so you will not be as aware of it. We are unable to successfully treat white blonde or grey hair due to the lack of pigment. A consultation and patch test will be needed prior to the treatment.

Controlled pulses of light penetrate the epidermis and are absorbed by melanin in the hair contained in the follicle. Melanin converts the light energy into heat. This heat is transferred to the hair follicle, which is destroyed, making it unable to produce a new hair.

Scottburgh Health and Beauty Permanent hair reduction

Skin Rejuvenation

skin rejuvenation

The Ellipse Selective Waveband Technology (SWT®) treatment works by directing well-controlled pulses of light into the upper skin layer. The light is absorbed by two of the body's own natural chromophores - melanin in the pigmented areas and haemoglobin in the blood. Both these pigments convert the light energy into heat. This heat is used to destroy the parts of the cells in which the melanin is stored, and to damage the walls of the vessels supplying blood to the areas where vascular damage is seen. This technique is called "Selective Photothermolysis”.

The visible light produced by the Ellipse SWT® system is carefully controlled to produce the correct pulse length and right amount of energy to destroy the targets without damaging surrounding tissue. Photo rejuvenation is a quick and simple treatment, that does not interfere with normal daily routine, and repairs sun-damage found on the face, neck, chest and hands.

The Ellipse System is used to treat many of the most common and most annoying skin problems:

  • Removal of excess hair on any part of the body
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Vascular lesions including telangiectasias and port wine stains
  • Acne vulgaris
  • Epidermal pigmented lesions
  • Sun-damaged skin

Pigmentation, Acne and Reduction in the signs of Aging

We use Bio Therapeutic LED Light Treatments to assist with a number of skin ailments. These innovative treatments use the latest technology from the USA to visibly improve skin tone, texture, elasticity and assist in the management of acne. The red and blue light waves penetrate deeply into the skin to stimulate the ATP to produce more collagen and elastin, diminish redness and plump out prematurely ageing and dehydrated skins.


Coax Skin Tightening for Face & Body


The machine uses cavitational ultrasound and radiofrequency. Cavitational low frequency ultrasound waves propagate in skin freeing dissolved gas in the form of tiny bubbles, causing cellular and fibrosis disruption. Radiofrequency heats up fat cells, breaking them apart and sending them to the lymph nodes for the body to dispose of naturally. By reducing the number of fat cells and affecting the intra-fat structure, the treated area becomes smoother and more elastic. The Radiofrequency also causes a mild contraction that visually lifts and firms the area, especially noticeable in the buttocks.

It has been clinically proven to tighten and gently lift the skin to smooth out wrinkles and renew facial contours. The incision-free procedure is fast and easy, and requires no downtime from normal activities. Unlike lasers, the procedure can be performed on patients of all skin types.

The Coax CRF system uses a sophisticated solid gel tip, which delivers a controlled amount of RF energy. With each touch to the skin, the gel tip device uniformly heats a large volume of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin and its underlying tissue while simultaneously protecting the outer layer of the skin with cooling. This deep, uniform heating causes structures deep in the skin to immediately tighten.

Lymphatic Blanket

Lymph drainage is an effective modern method of massage that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body and helps to create and maintain a balance between blood flow and lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage with BTL lymphatic drainage devices will give you a completely painless, non-invasive and effective treatment by draining the excess lymph.

Scottburgh Health and Beauty Therapies

Microdermabrasion - Skin Exfoliation


During microdermabrasion or MDA as it is often referred to, the outermost surface of the skin is partially or completely removed by the light abrasion.  The procedure is not painful and requires no anaesthetic. This treatment has been known to improve the appearance of scars as well as for overall improvement in the skin’s texture and appearance.  A course of 4 – 6 treatments spaced 1 month apart is recommended for skin rejuvenation.  Mild redness may occur post treatment, depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment.

X-Wave Therapy

X-Wave is a non-invasive, fast and effective treatment for reducing cellulite, skin tightening, stretch mark reduction and improving the appearance of scars. This procedure can be done on the upper arms, love handles, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Using the power of targeted vibrations, BTL X-WAVE contributes to the elimination of the main factors causing an uneven surface of the skin and lead to a considerable improvement in the skin appearance. Mechanical vibrations enhance microcirculation and oxygen supply in the affected area resulting in increased blood supply and removal of excess interstitial fluid.


Advanced Skin Needling

Face microneedling treatment with a meso roller.

Dermaroller treatments are designed to create a safe healing response within the body to ignite natural collagen and elastin production from within the skin, without harsh side effects and downtime, along with repairing the surface layers to result in healthier skin; looking brighter, tighter, more even toned, refined pores and reduced wrinkles.

Your face, lip area, eye area, ears, neck, chest, hands and scalp are all treated with pinpoint precision to promote rapid lifting, firming and toning of facial features and contours.

What’s more, the microchannels allow your skin to carry up to 80% more active ingredients which dive deep into your skin to feed and be absorbed by the underlying cells.

Dermaroller treatments can be effective for multitude of conditions including: Rosacea, telangiectasia, seborrheic dermatitis, aesthetic gynaecology, alopecia, and much more.

You'll see results in just one session.


Lamprobe treats Hyper-keratinised lesions like Age spots, Keratosis, Fibromas, Solar Keratosis and Skin Tags, whether small or very large, raised on a stalk or flat, are all epidermal irregularities, meaning that they are raised above the skin, and not rooted into the dermis like moles, so treatment to remove these unsightly blemishes are focused on the lesion affecting only the epidermis of the skin.

The Lamprobe can safely and effectively be used on all skin colours creating flawless skin without the risk of hypo-pigmentation. Depending on the area only one treatment is required and results are instantaneous. Treatments performed with the Lamprobe are precise, quick to perform, don't require any anaesthesia, are not uncomfortable an are extremely effective.